Literary Fiction, Lyric Prose, and Essay


Excerpt from In Circling Flight (upcoming from Brighthorse Books)

NEW SQUARE, the journal of the Sancho Panza Literary Society

Fall 2020, Volume 3, Issue 1





BIG FICTION, Winter 2020




In Circling Flight



"The Wandering the World: A Prequel to Oscar Wilde's 'The Star-Child'"

New Square, Vol 2, Issue 1, Fall 2019




Short-listed for the 2016 Colm Tóibín International Short Story Award, Ireland; published in Mountains Piled Upon Mountains: Appalachian Nature Writing in the Anthropocene, ed. by Jessica Cory, West Virginia University Press, 2019. 

 "The Visits"

Long-listed for Fish Publishing Short Memoir Prize 2018; honorable mention, Asheville Writers' Workshop Hard Times contest, 2018.


"The Elf Lord"

Published as fiction feature, Port Yonder Press, November 2017.



"You. There. Now"

Published in Feminine Collective, June 2017.


“Poet Wanderer”

Published in Claudius Speaks, Issue III: Buried, 2017.


“Ossein Pith”

Published in Eastern Iowa Review, Issue 3, 2017.



“The Die is Cast” and “An Apology Tour”

Published in Who Want the World Like It Is? A 2016 Election Anthology

Birds Piled Loosely Press, January 2017.


 "Strangers On The Road"

Published in Circa: A Journal of Historical Fiction, April 2016; part on the novel In Circling Flight (Brighthorse Books 2021).



“Unanswered: An Essay on Research” 

Published in Copperfield Review, February 2016.




Finalist for the 2015 Dana Award for the Novel.


"Way Out Farm"

Honorable mention for the 2016 Leap Frog Press Fiction Contest (for a novella).


"Dear John, I've Fallen for a Dog"

Short-listed for Fish Publishing 2013/14 Short Story Prize; published in Chautauqua (UNCW), Volume 11, 2014, under the title “Sirius"; part of the novel In Circling Flight (Brighthorse Books 2021).


“All God's Children Gonna Take A Ride”

Awarded second place in the 2014 Virginia Golden Nib short story competition (chapter level); designated a “Highly Recommended” work in Ireland’s 2014 Sean O’Faolain International Short Story Prize competition; published in the Anthology of Appalachian Writers (Shepherd), Volume 7, 2015; nominated for a 2017 Pushcart Prize; part of novel In Circling Flight (Brighthorse Books 2021).



"Moving Day"

Long-listed for Anam Cara Short Fiction Contest (2012); published in Mom Egg Review, Volume 12 (2014).

"Into the Air"

Won first place, Writerhouse/C-Ville Creative Nonfiction Contest (2014), and published in C-Ville; part of the novel In Circling Flight (Brighthorse Books 2021).



“The Waiting Room”

Published in Mom Egg Review, Volume 13 (2015).


“John Harrington”

Published in Irish America magazine, Vol. 30 Issue 2 (2015).


“Watching—The Fall”

Long-listed for Fish Publishing Short Memoir Contest (2013); published in Portland Review, web feature (2015).


She'd Like A Fish, Without Water” 

 Published in The Washington Post, Metro section, “With Apologies to Art Linkletter” column (2008).